El Gazpacho de la Martita

El Gazpacho de la Martita is one of my favourite course of this very hot summer that, likely, is not ending yet.
It’s simple, fresh, healthy and it is also a good way to make kids eating some more vegetables.

Marta, or Martita for friends, is an Andalusian political scientist who lives in Tuscany.
For any summery dinner she always arrives with her two, three bottles of amazing gazpacho and everybody loves it.
In very hot days is very pleasant to drink it.

It’s one year that I am running after her to learn this recipe and finally we made it.


Onion: 30gr
carrot: 40gr
pepper: 40gr
tomatoes: 700gr
cold water
2 table spoon of extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 table spoon white wine vinegar
1 tea spoon of salt

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Cut in small pieces onion, carrot, pepper and put it into the mixer. Add peeled tomatoes and cut in pieces, add cold water taken from the fridge, olive oil, withe wine vinegar, salt and mix at high speed for 1 or 2 minutes. Leave the gazpacho in the freezer for about half an hour and take it out when it’s time to serve it. The temperature is very important, it has to be frozen when you drink it.

Depending on different tastes it is possible to make some variations, even if with basic ingredients it works very well, you can add cucumber, a piece of watermelon or apple or you can cut cucumber in to little cubes and put it on a side to garnish the place or even you can mix water, vinegar, oil, salt and add all the vegetables cut in little cubes.

On thing that Marta told me and that I really liked is that during summer there in no Andalusian’s home that doesn’t have in the refrigerator a few liters of Gazpacho ready for use so why don’t we copy good habits from other cultures and put in our refrigerator a small taste of Andalusia.

Come on, let’s all make the Gazpacho, so this week is going be very hot!

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